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Gun Dog Training for Labs & Pointers - Training Packages

Refresher Course Brush-ups:

Get your dog ready for hunting season.

Obedience Program:

Our Obedience Program offers training for all large breed dogs. We work on basic obedience so your pet has the skills to be a good citizen around your family and friends. There is nothing better than a well-trained pet.

Puppy Program:

Our Puppy Program is a 2-week course designed to introduce your pet to birds, guns and water. It is a positive, fun environment for puppies between 15 weeks to 7 months in age.

Intermediate Program:

Our Intermediate Program is designed for dogs 7 months and older with the goal of off-leash control. We work on trained retrieves, so your dog will go straight out and pick up the bird or bumper and deliver it perfectly to your hand. Each dog receives exposure to a lot of birds, water, boats, decoys, hunting blinds, being steady to shot. We will work on flushing ranges, whistles, platforms, ramps, distractions, conditioning to training collars if requested, and other special client needs.

Advanced Program:

Our Advanced Program is designed to teach dogs how to take hand signals and run cold blinds, and mark multiple falls, sit to flush. This program will bring out your dog's highest potential.

Private Lesson Program:

Our Private Lesson Program offers one-on-one teaching/learning how to train your own dog.

Started Dogs Program

Our started dogs are bred for athletics, looks, intelligence, and desire. They also have a full health guarantee. Our dogs will perform to your highest expectations, guaranteed. Visit our Started Dogs page to learn more about our available dogs.

Hunt Test and Field Trial Training

Hunt Tests:

Hunting tests are a means of judging the dog's ability to perform against a standard of perfection established by the AKC regulations. Unlike field trials, they are noncompetitive, meaning the dogs must simply meet a standard of performance, rather than beat other dogs. Labs receiving qualifying scores at a given number of tests can earn the titles junior hunter (JH), senior hunter (SH), and master hunter (MH). Each successive title requires more skill, and dogs are judged more strictly as they advance.

Field Trials:

A field trial is a competitive event, meaning that dogs compete against each other for placements and points toward a field championship. Titles that can be earned are field champion (FC) and amateur field champion (AFC). Once earned, these titles become part of the dog's name.

Upland Tournament Hunting:

Labs Unlimited Kennels - Jerry Sather and AmosUpland Tournament Hunting combines the elements of wild bird hunting with the adrenaline-pumping addition of head to head competition! One or two hunters. One or two dogs. A defined set of field boundaries with a number of birds planted in the cover. Throw in a stop watch to help define victory and you have Tournament Hunting, NATHA style!

Labs Unlimited Kennels - Jerry Sather and Chaz


Dogs at our facility must have the following vaccinations:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Distemper
  • Adenovirus 2
  • Parainfluenza
  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospira
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

We require that you bring a copy of your dog's vaccination record as we are required to have that on file.

Please contact us with any questions.

Jerry Sather and Amos, Labs Unlimited Kennels Amos, Labs Unlimited Kennels Jerry Sather and Chaz, 2012 Master National, Labs Unlimited Kennels

Contact Us

Jerry & Lynn Sather
Home: 507-332-0403
Cell: 507-330-0839
Email: jerryandlynn@labsunlimitedkennels.com

We are located 6 miles west of Faribault, MN on County Road 38 (Cedar Lake Blvd).
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Comments From Our Clients

"We simply could not have done it without you, Thanks Jerry"
- Nancy & Chaz, WCX, MH

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