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We are pleased to share these comments from our clients.

In 2008 my husband and I got a Golden Retriever pup and little did we know what was in store for us.

Through a series of events we got involved in hunt tests and I wanted to be the primary trainer/handler but much to my surprise I was quickly met with a chorus of people saying "With a dog like him, you'll never get him to the line. He's too much dog for you." And while my spirit was being pummeled by others, Jerry said, "You can absolutely do this and I'll help you make it happen." So, the adventure began with Jerry giving me private lessons and truly customizing them for me, and Chaz. At times it wasn't easy because Chaz is a very high-powered Golden. I often said it was like learning to drive in a Ferrari.

But Jerry didn't give up on us. His patience was extraordinary and the results speak for themselves. 2009...Junior Hunter title. 2010...Senior Hunter Title. 2011...Master Hunter Title. 2012...Master Hunter Title and Master National Pass 2012 Greensboro, Alabama.

We simply could not have done it without you,

Thanks Jerry,
Nancy & Chaz, WCX, MH

We took our first lab to Labs Unlimited over 10 years ago. The training he received from Jerry has made all the difference. The time we spend with him in the field chasing roosters or in a blind hunting ducks is truly enjoyable because we are not worried about his behavior. It is also very rewarding to see him do something special when hunting, things he would not have learned to do without proper training. The same is true around the house with our kids. The baseline obedience training he received from Jerry, in addition to the high level hunting training, is something we would not go without. As evidence, last year our new lab's first stop was at Lab's Unlimited, and today his training there continues.

Trevor and Caren
Faribault, MN

I have owned 4 black labs and hunt waterfowl and pheasants about 25 or 30 days per year. I purchased a Sadie, as a pup, from Jerry in 2008, after receiving recommendations from two “dog people”, whose opinion, I respect. They were right about Jerry! Sadie is a terrific dog, both as a hunting dog and household dog! She has her AKC junior hunt test title and the potential to go further. I have done the bulk of the training. However, due to Jerry’s approach and ability with dogs, I have had Jerry correct my mistakes and work with her for a couple weeks each year. As importantly, Jerry has always been available to answer my questions. My wife observed, when we she first met Jerry, that he really seemed to like his dogs and vice versa. I have recommended Jerry numerous times as both a breeder and trainer and will continue to do so.

Jeff Stutzman
Minnetonka, MN

I bought my first started dog from Jerry and Lynn back in 2001. I didn't know then that would be the beginning of a great friendship. In the last 10 years all 5 of my labs have been trained and boarded at Labs Unlimited Kennels, with the 6th one on the way. Jerry has a great ability to bond with these animals and builds a mutual respect between the two of them. Jerry will discuss expectations with you on what you want to see out of the dog and what he wants to see. Obedience is very high on his list and you will be hard pressed to find dogs more obedient than those after time with Labs Unlimited. Jerry is very upfront and honest about your dog's ability and if the dog doesn't have what it takes to get where you as the owner want it, Jerry will tell you. He isn't one to keep you paying for a result you are never going to see. He takes pride in his work and wants every dog that comes through him to leave with the best that he can offer. Labs Unlimited Kennels is very clean and well run and you won't edisappointed with using them. I am a lifelong customer!

Vance Vinar, Jr.
Faribault, MN

Photo Credit: Michael KinnI've been blessed to own some great dogs. In fact, I've been spoiled. But a dog can have all the potential in the world, but without the right trainer it will never be optimized. Jerry Sather knows how to get the most from a dog, and does it while maintaining the dog's drive and enthusiasm. With trainers I've used before, the dogs were hesitant about going back to the trainer, even years later. With Jerry my dog is as happy and excited at his kennel as she is at mine. At home, in the field and at competitions, she's the same dog I've always known!

Bill Miller
Cologne, MN
North American Hunter TV

Photo Credit: Michael Kinn

At the urging of an old friend I put my Labrador Retriever "Amos" with pro trainer Jerry Sather of Labs Unlimited Kennels in the spring of 2010. I wanted a top notch, up-to-date kennel facility for my dog to be housed in, ample training facilities readily available and, most importantly, I demanded a hardworking, enthusiastic trainer well-versed in retriever training tactics whom I could trust to apply the "basics and beyond" on an ethical and wholly humane level. By fall Amos had earned his Senior Hunt title. The following year Amos ran and successfully passed six consecutive Master Hunt tests to earn his Master Hunt title while simultaneously qualifying for the National Masters Hunt Test. It has been gratifying and refreshing to watch Amos work and succeed with a trainer of Jerry's calibre. I detect a mutual respect, admiration and trust that has been fostered between trainer and dog and as an owner I couldn't be more satisfied with the results this combination has generated. My hat is off to you Jerry, keep the standard high!!!

Judy Callahan, Blu-Chip Labrador Retrievers, Minocqua, WI

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Comments From Our Clients

"We simply could not have done it without you, Thanks Jerry"
- Nancy & Chaz, WCX, MH

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